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The Nurse Perspective: How are you doing?

The Nurse Perspective: How Are You Doing?

Part One

The year is nearly done and for the past 6 to 8 months we have endured and perhaps witnessed colossal failures;

failure in health & wellness, failure in our trusted government officials, failure in personal finances needed to keep us afloat. The list of failures can be very long and I don’t need to enumerate

them all, suffice it to say, we have experienced a tremendous breakdown in our living situations.

So my question stands, how are you doing? I’m asking after your physical health, your mental,

emotional & social health, but most of all, your spiritual health. I want to catch up now, because this

writer has experienced some decline in emotional, mental & social areas and the only thing that has

kept me going, is a strong spiritual connection- my prayer and bible study. Of course, I could use and

need those hugs of love and reassurances I get from you. If that is what you have also felt, say Thank

you Lord. There are many in this chaotic mess who may not have what you and I have, that connection

with the Creator of the Universe, the One who knows the BEGINNING AND THE END!

Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, lives have been lost, serious sickness has prevailed and most of us live in

paranoiac fear of becoming a victim of the virus. Each cough, each ache, each raised blood pressure, is

cause for us to tremble in fear. Our trust lies in following the prescribed formula for protection: always

wearing a mask in public, frequent hand washing , practicing safe distancing when needing to be in

groups, but always trusting God to keep us safe from this evil, is the one thing we need most. Let me

hasten to say, we must follow the necessary precautions as we trust in God. He does not want us to be

like the 5 foolish virgins, who though ill-prepared for the bridegroom, thought they would receive Grace

anyway. I’ve heard it said a few times, “oh I am covered by the blood, I don’t need the mask”! Is that

foolish thinking as we see the statistics of death and illness continue to rise? And a new wave of the

pandemic has begun in some states and countries as fall comes. The weather and time change forces us

back indoors.

Again, I ask, how are you doing?

I have tried to provide in these pages, information to inform your way of thinking and managing your

health in a safe and proactive manner - How to eat for best health, how to stay physically active, how to

manage emotions, and some thoughts on staying spiritually connected. I am not a pastor or spiritual

leader only in the sense that as a health “evangelist”, you and your whole health is of concern to me. As

Jesus, in acknowledging how the thief comes to steal and destroy, said, “I am come that (we) they may

have life and have it to the full", Jn 10:10. (NIV).

My continual prayer is for you to be in good health, physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually.

These difficult times we are living in puts us in positions where emotions may be adversely affected,

causing flare-ups of anger in families or with others we come in contact. These can lead to dangerous

situations like “road rage", altercations with friends, neighbors, or sadly with family members. This page

does not provide mental health therapy, but we offer to refer you to someone or someplace to get

help, if you desire.

Mental illness is increasing or at least it is becoming more prevalent now and the blame is assigned to

the social isolation forced upon us by COVID-19. People have lost homes, jobs, families have been

broken, death has visited over 200,000 times where loved ones have to watch from afar unable to grieve close up. The saddest aspect of this picture is the constant erosion of life as we once knew it, the continual onslaught and disintegration of minds, bodies, and souls.

We can and must - surely you remember my adage-take charge of your health, your mental, emotional, social health.   Do not let it slide down into disrepair or neglect, grab hold now and stay strong as the enemy fights to take you down.  Step up your prayer life and step into a renewed relationship with God, talk to Him whenever you need social interaction  but remember to listen for His voice.  Did you ever hear this song, "I Had a Little Talk With The Lord, to tell Him all about my troubles "?  It is a very old song I used to play and sing a lot in my younger days.  It always created a sense of peace within.  In my mind's eye, I can still see the outside cover of the sheet music.  Now that is comforting.   See how many things from the past you can remember  that brought you joy, comfort, peace of mind.  Remember, Jesus is the Pilot but you are the Captain of your life.  Stay on course,  stay afloat.

Another suggestion for increasing your emotional/social well-being,  is to bring out your creative side. I don't recommend that you adopt my personal way of doing things  unless you just like having multiple projects going at the same time. I bought an Instant Pot,  and have been cooking up a storm. My favorite is trying different recipes for lentils.  Mmmm good. I've made vegan Southern collard greens that make your palate sighhh with deep pleasure.   Cooking, for me, has been revived! I  also have pastel and watercolor art projects going on. My latest large project is a blue heron tiptoeing through the water - excited to see it emerge. I can't wait to exhibit  it.  I suppose my favorite activity is writing this blog to and for you.  I receive much pleasure in putting my thoughts down and hope and pray it is of value to you also.  There are so many things to learn and do and not enough time in the day, but blessings in disguise,  what else do you have to do with long hours of nothingness.

I encourage you to "up your game", no matter what it may be.  Just stay healthy, mind, body, spirit.  I leave this little bit of whimsy:

"Dance as though no one is watching;

Love as though you've never loved before;

Sing as though no one can hear you

Live as though Heaven is on earth".

I love you all. Watch for Part two and like Mickey, I say - 'Now its time to say goodbye to all my company...see you real soon'.


Donna, from the Nurse Perspective 




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