Finding Your S.H.A.P.E. for Doing God's Work

At Mt. Tahoma Seventh-day Adventist Church we endeavor to draw people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus by connecting them to vibrant ministries, and empowering them to start new ones. Per what the Bible says in Ephesians 4 God  has given everyone the ability to serve and it’s in serving our faith grows in Jesus Christ.  Please complete the Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experience,  (S.H.A.P.E) form to see what ministry you would best be suited to serve in. The S.H.AP.E form will be viewed confidentially by the Nominating Committee to invite you to participate in a ministry that best suits  the gifts that God has given you. 

Spiritual Gifts

I believe I have the following spiritual gifts.(select all that apply)


What do you have a passion to do for God?


I am willing/interested in serving the Lord in at least one or more the following area(s) of ministry (check all that apply )



Provide any experience you have that could be used for ministry.


Based on my responses I am willing to serve the Lord in at least one or more of the following ministries.

Brief Description of Church Offices


  • Administration - Provides administrative support to the Pastoral team
  • Adventurers & Eager Beavers - Responsible for teaching the Adventurer & Eager Beaver curriculum and meeting the spiritual and social needs of the children
  • Children's Ministry - Responsible for the creation of children's programs during specific programs, and ensuring their spiritual and social needs are met
  • Choir Leadership - Responsible for leading in the sanctuary, MYC or children's choir
  • Communications - Responsible church communiqués including marketing, church directory, flyers, announcements, etc
  • Community Services - Responsible for connecting the church programs to meet the needs of the community including touch of love, food bank, etc
  • Chorister - Responsible for selecting hymns and leading congregational singing
  • Deacon/ness - Responsible for the physical care of the church including parking lot duties, seating, offering collection, communion leadership, etc
  • Education - Responsible for the promotion of education with an emphasis on Christian education
  • Elders – Responsible for the spiritual wellbeing of the congregation, advisors to
  • departmental leaders, support for the pastoral staff, home visitations, communion,
  • etc.
  • Family Life - Responsible for the education and resourcing of healthy relationships, specifically within the family structure
  • Greeters - Responsible for welcoming all to the church and making them feel at home
  • Gym & Fellowship Management - Responsible for organizing and maintaining the gym
  • and fellowship all schedules as well as promotion of the facilities within the
  • community
  • Health & Temperance - Responsible for the education & promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  • Hospitality - Facilitates the use of the kitchen enhancing the environment of programs & services, including fellowship lunches.
  • Maintenance - Responsible for the upkeep and safety of the church building
  • Men's Ministry - Responsible for providing spiritual, social and relational education & resourcing for men in all aspects of their lives
  • Music - Responsible for selecting the special music each Sabbath, scheduling choristers, praise team, etc
  • Pathfinders - Responsible for teaching the Pathfinder curriculum and meeting the spiritual social needs of the children
  • Personal Ministries - Responsible for evangelism (including Bible studies) and revival
  • Prayer Ministries - Facilitates prayer requests, family altar, prayer room, prayer &
  • fasting, etc
  • Prison Ministry - Works with prison inmates spreading the love of Jesus Christ
  • Sabbath School - Responsible for organizing and/or teaching the children or adult Sabbath School classes
  • Sabbath School Secretary - Provides administrative support to the Sabbath School Department
  • Safety Committee - Responsible for the security of the church building, including key management, etc
  • Singles Ministry - Responsible for the support and resourcing to singles
  • Stewardship - Responsible for the education & promotion of good management skills
  • Ushers - Responsible for greeting & seating during programs
  • Women's Ministry - Responsible for providing spiritual, social and relational education & resourcing for women in all aspects of their lives