Education Ministry


At Mt Tahoma Seventh Day Adventist Church we take great pride in being advocates of Christian education. The Education Ministry actively promotes Christian education by hosting education seminars where students of all levels are able to receive vital information on scholarships and grants.  The Education Ministry also supports students who have chosen to further their education by  participating in several matching scholarship programs.  We strive to ensure all students from the primary levels all the way through college receive the support necessary for them to complete their education and have a chance to empower their lives.   

Mt Tahoma Seventh Day Adventist church awards tuition assistance (TA) and scholarships to member students that are attending Seventh Day Adventist schools. All TA & scholarship awards are based on the eligibility of each applicant and the availability of funds at the time an application is received. As we prepare to assist families for the upcoming school year, students & their families must complete, and submit the following forms that are applicable to their needs.


1. ALL STUDENTS: Mt. Tahoma Student Financial Aid Request Form – needs to be completed for all students from  
    elementary to undergraduate level of education.

2. K-12 STUDENTS: Elementary through 12th grade students also need
    to complete the NPUC K-12 Scholarship Form.

3. AUBURN ACADEMY: AAA Students also need to complete the AAA & WA Conference 3-Way Scholarship Form in    
     addition to the NPUC K-12 Form.

4. UNIVERSITY STUDENTS (Undergrad): NPUC Four Way Scholarship Form – this form needs to be completed by
    all undergraduate university students planning to attend Walla Walla University or Oakwood University.

5. GRADUATE STUDENTS: Review the NAD Regional Scholarship Application Form for grad students in certain
    areas of study (including non-SDA schools). Deadline to return this form to our church office is October 14, 2018.

If you would like to request student assistance for the 2021-2022 school year, complete the enclosed Mt. Tahoma Student Financial Aid Request Form (along with appropriate scholarship forms) and  email them to  by the deadline: July 24, 2021.

Form Summary

Here is a summary of the forms necessary for students at  various levels of education.  Select the download link to open and download each form.  Most forms are in editable .pdf format so that you can type in most information, save, and print the file.  ALL FORMS, INCLUDING ALL SCHOLARSHIP FORMS, need to be submitted to the Mt. Tahoma Church office by the deadline of July 31, 2021.  Forms can also be emailed to


Elementary School  &  High School (other than Auburn Academy)

  • Mt. Tahoma Financial Aid Request Form download

  • NPUC K-12 Scholarship Form download


Auburn Academy

  • Mt. Tahoma Financial Aid Request Form  download

  • NPUC K-12 Scholarship Form  download

  • AAA & WA Conf 3 Way Scholarship Form  download

Undergraduate University Students (Walla Walla University & Oakwood University)

  • Mt. Tahoma Financial Aid Request Form download

  • NPUC Four Way Scholarship Form  download

Graduate Students (including Non-SDA Universities)

  • NAD Regional Scholarship Application download



Mt Tahoma hosted  a seminar titled Making College Affordable with guest speaker Dr. Keith Anderson.  We learned various ways in which to get free money for higher education from grants to scholarships. We also  the importance of maintaining a high grade point average from 9th grade through graduation.  Click on the buttons below to get the power point slides o f the presentation and the information packet on various grants and scholarships. 

Scholarship Presentation

Scholarship Packet