Health Ministry

The Mt. Tahoma Health Ministry established A Center of Health and Wellness Center whose mission it is to provide whole health ministry founded on theological concepts of holistic ministry.  We are committed to helping individuals, families, and community, improve their health, safety and well-being, Our objective is for children, adults, families, and communities to be empowered to live at optimal levels of health, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. 

  As a part of the Adventists InStep for Life initiative, Mt Tahoma Seventh-day Adventist Health Ministry has set aside the third weekend of September as The Total Health Experience weekend. This weekend is focused on promoting healthy lifestyle spiritually, and physically. The annual LET'S MOVE DAY Fun Run/Walk and Health Fair are events that take place during this weekend.

   We invite you to follow us on Facebook, check the calendar on a regular basis for up-coming events, and participate in being healthy and promoting a healthy lifestyle.