Pathfinders & Adventurers

                        Mt. Tahoma Pathfinders and  Adventurers Club


Christ Revealed Enlightening the Way preparing us to be
Christians Ready Eq
uipped and Willing

Aims To: Be a place of belonging, bonding and restoration.
Motivate young people for service to Christ, while mentoring them to be
roductive members of society.  


                                                The Mt. Tahoma Pathfinder/Adventurer Club is a non-profit youth
                                                organization operated b
y the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is
                                                financed by member fees
, fundraising projects, private donations
                                                and assistance from the Mt
. Tahoma Seventh Day Adventist Church.


                                               Membership is open to all boys and girls grades Pre- K -10 or ages 3-
8, regardless of race, religion or national origin.  


                                             1. Help Pathfinders to understand that the church loves, cares
                                                 for and appreciates them and needs them in its total program.

                                              2. Show Pathfinders what God has planned for their lives.

                                              3. Train Pathfinders for missionary service.

                                              4. Work for the salvation of each individual Pathfinder.

                                              5. Develop the Pathfinder's appreciation for nature and a
for the environment.

                                               6. Teach Pathfinders specific skills and hobbies that will make
r life meaningful and will occupy their time profitably.

                                               7. Help keep the Pathfinders physically fit.

                                                8. Give opportunities for the development of leadership.

                                                9. Develop a balanced physical, mental, social and spiritual life.

                                               10. Inspire Pathfinders to love God's Word.


MOTTO: The love of Christ constrains us all