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Becoming a brand new you - The Nurse Perspective

It is year end and a time for reflection, time to review not just the events of the past year, but our reactions and responses to some of the most mind-bending things that have beleaguered us and affected our lives.  Some of us may have experienced the loss of a loved one, or have been unable to be with family during the darkest of times.  Others may have received devastating news about your own health or the health of a family member or close friend or relative.  This year has truly been one of destruction and devastation on all fronts - floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, erupting volcanoes - calamity after calamity - events that changed our lives and will live on in our memories forever as the worst ever in history.  And to make things really unbelievable, a government in disarray and for all intents and purposes, essentially deserted, abdicated by the demented egomaniac at the head of our nation.  And that is high praise!

But this is not about things for which we have no control, this is about surviving and thriving in spite of the disruptions to our lives.  Yesterday (or last week) now, I was privileged to be given a Lyft ride to the hospital image department, whereupon I  had necessary body images taken.  As I rode in the back seat, I looked around at my city, noting all the new changes taking place, changes that occurred over the past year being in isolation.  There were new and taller buildings, hospital lobbies were forever changed, entrances were brand new, routes to get to them were also brand new.  But it was a city preparing to move on despite the times, a city readying to celebrate a new year, a new beginning.   I realized this was the "new normal".  I noticed, for the most part, people were cooperative and compliant with the safety requirements of being in public - masks, hand sanitizing, safe distancing.  Of course this was a medical facility where there were strict and mandatory requirements.  I wondered though about public health mandates for other public places like grocery stores, restaurants, places of entertainment and if we the public were to observe these mandated requirements, could we wipe out this nasty virus that has so devastated the world?

Are YOU ready for a brand new world?  a brand new you?  Are you tired of being locked away from family and friends? Bored with communicating your thoughts and feelings via social media, zoom, or texting? God knows, I am!!  However, this lock down has afforded me the opportunity to get to know my neighborhood, meet some of my neighbors I never see, only as they drive by, but I am tired of thinking my world exists only between the boulevard and 21st street.  It is time to put a new spin on my existence.

As we are about to begin a new year, it is a good time to prepare ourselves to be "brand new". I have never been one to make resolutions, particularly since they never last and or are never really observed.  Often they are compromised or forgotten within hours or days.  How do you become a brand new you, you may ask, when the world is still confused and chaos continues to reign?  Just as you changed your lifestyle to a healthier one by changing how and what you put into your body; how you took care of your body by exercising more, by spending more intimate time with God - studying His Word and conversing with Him.  This same plan of care can be followed to make of you a brand new person spiritually, physically, and mentally.  You will have to shut out all the distractions from sources that continue to penetrate our psyches with confusion and rancor, and concentrate on what will make life feel better for you, what changes you would like to see in your life, what you can get rid of; what can make you a kinder, happier, more empathetic, caring, and more hopeful person?  You must be willing to rid yourself of old grievances, old hurts, anger, negativism, and hatred.   

Maybe, like I have done at times, made excuses for my behavior by saying 'that's just way I roll' or 'that's just who I am'.  That is a way of protecting self from hurt or even from taking a critical look at ourselves.  Sometimes it may take a criticism from someone else that opens the door to self-revelation.  Self-examination is a determining factor in becoming a brand new you.  Being willing to change for the better is another but the truth of the matter rests with the desire and determination to exchange old habits, old ideas, old ways of self-managing behaviors, for positive ways rooted in truth and honesty and making that happen with with self first. Daily sessions with self and with God can make of you a brand new person.  A person more honest, truthful, forgiving, trustworthy, and likeable.

My best wishes for us all, is that with God's guidance and love, we will become brand new, for we are preparing for more than just a new year, we are preparing for the earth made new.  I wish you all a Happy and blessed New Year as you become that new person.

As ever,

Donna, with The Nurse Perspective

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