Camp Meeting

Just like the early church, the church today has new opportunities for growth as we walk with Jesus, together in Christian community, toward heaven. Keynote speakers Lee Venden, Ty Gibson, and John Bradshaw will take us through a spiritual journey of growth and discovery this June 18-26. SEE options for tuning in at

Washington Conference’s hybrid camp meeting journey each evening will start with a focus on Walking with Jesus, continue with a focus on Walking Together in Christian Community, and conclude with a focus on Walking Toward Heaven. DISCOVER MORE: or WashConf app




Designed for churches and individuals to stream



Intended for individuals to interact and chat



Ideal for morning worship and evening prayer time


Featuring a live program each evening for teens

Hybrid Schedule

Morning Gathering (Virtual)

  • 7-8 am on Zoom plus broadcasted to Facebook
  • Hosted by Pastors Eddie General, Bob Moore, Randy Maxwell & Friends

Kids & Teens Gathering (Virtual)

  • 2 Beginners programs (on demand)
  • 3-4 Kindergarten programs (on demand)
  • 3-4 Primary programs (on demand)
  • Teen programs live on @wayouth IGTV

Watch Party Gathering (In-Person)

  • All Adventist churches in western Washington are invited to open their doors for members and guests, at 50% or current capacity, to provide an in-person worship environment
  • Churches may elect to offer a “tailgate” picnic each evening or selected evenings 60-90 minutes before the 7 pm program
  • Pathfinder Clubs, following Covid-safety protocols, may elect to host a food booth

Evening Gathering (Virtual + In-Person Locally)

  • 6:45-7 pm Sing Along
  • 7-8:30 pm Evening Worship via Facebook, Vimeo/YouTube, Conference Website, Conference App & in-person at Local Church facilities
  • A multi-generational program streaming to local churches and homes
  • Featuring keynote speakers Lee Venden (first weekend), Ty Gibson (weeknights), & John Bradshaw (second weekend)

Afterglow Gathering (Virtual)

  • Approx. 8:30 pm on Zoom (right after the Evening Gathering)
  • A discussion, prayer and praise time reflecting on the Evening Gathering
  • Local churches may elect to host a similar small group time

Sabbath Gathering (Virtual + In-Person Locally)

  • 10:30 am - 12 pm online stream to local churches and homes (previously 10-12)
  • A multi-generational program
  • Suggested local Bible study before 10:30 am